The BiH Central Election Commission has at 22nd session held on May 14, 2020 pronounced pecuniary fines to 32 political parties for violation of certain provisions of the BiH Law on Political Party Financing based on Report on completed audit of political parties’ financial reports for 2017 (available on the web page www.izbori.ba).

So far nine political parties appealed the decision of the BiH CEC on sanctioning. The Appellate Division of the Court of BiH rejected seven appeals as unfounded: People’s Democratic Movement - 87.000 KM, Party of Democratic Action - 11.500 KM, Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina - 8.500 KM, Democratic Front - 6.500 KM, Advanced Srpska-NS - 3.500 KM, Democratic Family Party - 1.500 KM, Party of United Pensioners 1.500 KM, partially admitted one appeal in case of Croatian Alliance HKDU-Hrast in part concerning the amount of the fine, reducing it from 19.500 KM to 11.500 KM, while the decision of the Appellate Division of the Court of BiH is expected in the case of the Citizens’ Democratic Party of BiH.

Six political parties have so far paid the fine: Alliance of Independent Social Democrats– SNSD, Alliance for Better Future-Fahrudin Radončić, POG Naša Stranka, Democratic Peoples’ Alliance and BPS Sefer Halilović.

Political parties are obligated to pay the fine within 8 days following the day the decision on sanctioning becomes final.